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Stratedia will build your small business, or non profit, a competitive advantage through the formulation of a valuable strategy; followed by the implementation and execution of that strategy with a high degree of proficiency. Business Strategy is a combination of virtually all functional areas of business including operations, marketing, finance, and accounting. Strategy formulation and implementation cover the whole spectrum of business and management, dealing with many variables and situational factors at once.

At Stratedia, we think strategically to weigh things from the perspective of the total enterprise operating in an increasingly digital environment. We have an appreciation for the importance of building a competitive advantage. Our business schools and professional experience, have equipped us with high-level tools of strategy analysis. We have formal education, training, and experience in sizing up a company’s strategic position. Our consultants have been thoroughly exposed to the rigors of industry and competitive analysis so that we are accustomed to implementing and executing strategies. We bring a strong sense of ethical principles and values into the processes and tasks of management.

Our Business Strategy Services Include:

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