Does Your SEO Compliment Your Content Marketing?

The secret to the success of your blog’s success lies in the fact that your websites search engine optimization and content marketing need to work together. You need to create content focused at your target market, you to search engine optimize that content so that you can inform your audience and you need to make that content interesting so that they engage with it.

In a previous post, I explained SEO and content marketing. Think of it like salt and pepper. They go together. They just fit. They work well together.

Why is SEO actually all about content marketing, and SEO all about Content Marketing?

For so long SEO and content marketing have been looked at as two completely different things. The reality is they actually overlap, cohere, mix and need to work together. This is the only way you’ll be successful in both your SEO and your content marketing.

Stratedia Search Engine Optimization

SEO states the requirements. Content marketing fulfills them.

Now, let me show you how exactly SEO and content complement each other.

Hopefully you have watched the video above. I provide an engaging video that briefly describes the new face of advertising and why content is important. You can’t get your message out without content and they can’t see it if it isn’t search engine optimized.

SEO demands content. Content marketing is content.

There is no such thing as SEO without content. You need words, blogs, articles, substance, keywords, and videos. Content is king. SEO demands keywords. Content marketing provides keywords.

Here’s another feature of SEO: Keywords. No one would argue that a fundamental component of SEO is keywords — researching them, utilizing them, and tracking your ranking of them in the Search Engine Rank Position. The only way you can use your keywords is to be employing them strategically throughout your content. Content marketing consists of top-notch content, written for humans, and using the keywords that you’re targeting.

Establishing page rank can only come happen if you’re unleashing stellar content through content marketing. The best way to build links is by publishing killer content, and letting the masses link back to it. This is the real way to continual SEO success. The only way to get a linkback is to create engaging content that people want to engage with, share and link to.

Everyone likes fresh content including Google. They consistently index for fresh content, and register it higher in the SERPs than older low-value content. When fresh content is produced it appears on a site with high PR authority, you can be sure that it’s going to give that site a boost.

SEO demands consistent output. Content marketing requires consistency. THERE IS NO SET IT AND FORGET IT STRATEGY. THERE IS NO MAGIC TRICK TO BE #1. Consistent create, inform and engage your target audience with content and search engine optimize it so they see it and engage with it.