You started a business because you love what you do. Whether you are tradesman or a retail shop owner you love the industry you are in. Maybe it’s hobby of yours or you know it’s a great way to make money. However, telling people about it and marketing yourself can sometimes be difficult. You need to right tools in place and it needs constant attention. Not optimizing your website or social media accounts is not helping you… at all. They are not set it and forget it tools. You need to be constantly creating, informing and engaging your prospective clientele.  Take a look at this article byAnnie Pilon a writer for . I highly recommend that you follow her on twitter. She does a great job explaining 31 tips Digital Marketing Tips that you should be consistently managing, if you are a business owner, to keep your business fresh and in front of people. They all revolve around analytics and engagement. If you’re confident you can do this on your own and have the time, have at it. If not, let Statedia take care of it for you. We know we can create.inform.engage your campaign and get you more traffic.