Digital Video

Producing video is an investment. The Stratedia strategy will align your video marketing output with your business goals, leading to measurable results and a healthy return. Video growth is exponential. By 2017, it will make up 67% of all consumer Internet traffic. Digital Video content is an essential marketing piece that demands strategic attention – NOW! It holds so much more value then words and pictures. Poor, randomly produced video means less traffic, lower response, lost clients and a struggling bottom line. Stratedia video works smart, not hard.

The Power of Live Streaming + Social Media

Presence on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube contribute to the increased number of viewers for your business. Streaming has served as a great media platform for breaking news and creating content in an efficient manner for digital media.

The Evolution of Media Strategy
The strategy behind online video has changed. Videos now offer the viewer a bonus or added value as incentive to watch. The consumers of media have evolved in their practices of consumption therefore, media must also evolve. Since the rise in digital video consumption has increased exponentially, media outlets have added digital video components to almost all of their online articles. However, broadcast/ cable television is not going anywhere. When you go to watch your favorite football or baseball team play there next game, will you watch it from your phone? The answer is no. You will watch it on your 60 inch Smart TV displayed above your fireplace in your living room. We will always watch “appointment: television on a television. Online Video has filled up our boredom time. We watch videos on Youtube while watching TV, at work, and in the bathroom, etc.

Online Advertising combined with a powerful Television/ Online Advertising Campaign will put your business at the forefront and make your business top of mind with your competition. By placing engaging video content in high profile programming, such as sports programming or a show like the Big Bang Theory, you can reinforce your presence in your local market.

Branded Production for Digital Media
The shift from broadcast television to digital video can be attributed to millennial consumers who lead the pack with an average of 4-7 hours of online video intake a week. They consume almost twice the amount over any other age group.Digital video is no longer about clips, but about building production brands, and this is a trend we’ll continue to see. Think about this: Back in the day when we had a question we called someone. Now we go find the answer….. because we can!

It’s safe to say that you should be using a lot more online video moving forward to promote your business. From digital ads in the marketing realm, to online production, to company created videos, evolving with the consumer is what your business must do to keep current.

Stratedia is passionate about creating video strategies, involving TV and online platforms, for companies that improve results today, tomorrow and for years to come. We have engaged our strategy successfully with many brands.

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