Were you using Facebook as a major source for promoting your business? Were you in your own newsfeed and wondered what your friends up too? Facebook recently announced that they will start placing more wight on content in users’ news feeds that is shared by their friends. They will also reduce the content shared by brands and media outlets. That means that you will be more likely to see an update from your annoying friend posting another picture of them exercising then you will breaking news or boosted content.

Some people are probably ecstatic over the news. Facebook’s reasoning is that they were receiving complaints from users that they weren’t being feed enough updates from friends. However, for businesses this is bad news. We’ve already experienced a decline in the exposure we get with our followers, and now we’re guaranteed to get much less.

What Can You Do About Facebook’s New Algorithm?

Over a year ago Facebook started delivering promotional ads in news feeds and users personal posts started to decline. Expect that to happen even more. Right now, you can combat this by raising your ad budget to get your business the engagement you need. When you do boost or advertise your business make sure you are taking advantage of facebook targeting both geographically and demographically.This will increase your engagement rate.

Speaking of engagement, if your followers really like your content, they will go to your page to see what you are sharing. Make sure that you have content waiting for them to engage with and is available for them to share. Make sure you are sharing content that not only represents your brand but that also represents your target market.

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