Project Description

Greg Broadbent Project Brief

Web design services and management is our bread and butter at Stratedia.

As a web developer we pay close attention to the needs of our clients making clean sites that are built with a specific focus on browser compatibility and search engine optimization (SEO). As responsive design becomes a necessity we find more clients are becoming interested in making mobile specific variations of their sites to give a seamless experience for uses on all devices and to be able to rank higher in places like Google and Bing.

Greg Broadbent and his team of top real estate agents have a desire to be the very best at what they do by offering better customer service experience and to be the best real estate marketers in Southeastern CT and New London County CT. They built their website in 2013 and while their website was mobile enabled it was not mobile responsive. Time for Stratedia to do what they do best.

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The Result

Search Engine Optimization


Client had done a very good job in the past but his business is thriving and does not have the time to invest in SEO maintenance.


Build a responsive website design to tank more positively in search engines. Continue to provide useful content with appropriate keywords and backlinks.


Client Satisfaction

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