Project Description

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Project Brief

Mystic CT has been dubbed one of the best places to vacation in New England by numerous publications. However, finding out information and researching Mystic online can be difficult and time consuming. There is the area’s regional website that is focused on the entire Eastern region of CT, there is the Downtown Merchant Associations, Olde Mistick Village, the Mystic Aquarium, and the Seaport etc. There wasn’t any websites that were easy to navigate and had it all in one place. Until now! Seemystic’s mission is to have a place both locals and tourists can go to find information easily on all things Mystic CT and only Mystic CT.

The Challenge

The challenge for seemystic was first developing an identity with a logo that was both hip and trendy that captured the vice of mystic. Straedia’s decision… nothing sings Mystic like the bridge. While it is sometime annoying for the locals it is a landmark right in downtown Mystic CT. From there we wanted to create a website that could be visually beautiful but house alot of information for people to refer to to learn about things to do in Mystic CT as well as restaurants, bars, etc. To create a calendar of events that had everything that was going on in Mystic at any particular time. We also felt that what was really going to make this stick and hold it all together would be an integrated social media campaign.

The Solution

We have created a visually bold and trendy logo, to represent Mystic CT, showing the downtown mystic bridge in its upright position with a sailboat going under it in the Mystic River. We created a visually dynamic website that is both easily accessible and loaded with information. We created an eCommerce store to be able to sell trendy Mystic CT merchandise. We have begun to create content to be able to share thru social media and on the website such as the “Santa arrives by Tugboat” video.

Seemystic has picked Stratedia to manage and maintain all of their marketing and we are thrilled. We have completed our soft launch but stay tuned for more updates and more consistency as we are getting to set for an official launch. We can’t wait.

Integrated Brand Development Project

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Final Result & Client Satisfaction