Your storefront, your website, your television commercial and your Facebook page are all representations of your brand and your image. DON’T TAKE ANY OF THEM FOR GRANTED!!! If you got your business plan from Ron Popeil and you like to set it and it forget it, the only thing you should be doing is forgetting it. Why do I say that? We live in a world that is on the go and you are on everyone else’s time. If you think just creating a website is good enough, you should not be in business. If you built your own website 5 years ago and it is the one you use today, you guessed it, you should not be in business. The world has evolved and you need to evolve with it. You have a brand and you should be presenting it 24 7.

While everything I mentioned above is important, the most important is Social Media. Why? It gives you the opportunity to engage with your customers and build a dialogue with them. Let’s use an example. Let’s say you do a weekly posting to your Facebook page. This posting you do shows the lighter side of your staff working hard and having fun doing it. What started off as an idea emerges into appointment viewing. Customers are coming in telling your staff they saw them in the video, their family and friends are commenting to them about it as well. Suddenly people are liking your videos, they are commenting on them and then, the holy grail, they share them. This generates a buzz and traffic about you, your brand and about how cool your place of business is and the people that work there. I have seen this work with my very own eyes and it is amazing. If your theory is that just because you have a Facebook page or just because you posted something, you are using social media, stop it NOW because you are not.

Social media can be and should be a full time job. There are tools that can help you be more efficient but you should be constantly using it and constantly engaged with it. When you began to take it for granted and think you can let up a little, STOP NOW, you will lose your viewers. People have a choice to engage with you or not. If you are wondering why your weekly posting is down by 50 likes, you only have yourself to blame. Maybe you changed something about it or just stopped posting it. It will take you longer to get that person back because they have already found the next business they will follow. You took it for granted and you didn’t make people want to ENGAGE with it! Invest in it and it will pay you back.

Social media allows you to build relationships through listening, connecting, and engaging. Now, you can connect with people and be apart of their lives without actually trying to make a sale.
There is so much skepticism among people that it’s better to be part of their lives by being useful, informative and interesting. Connect with people when you don’t need them, so they can be there when do you need them! #stratedia #socialmedia

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