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We believe that business success is only as strong as your business partnerships. For us, the “getting to know you” phase isn’t a formality, it’s the continuous process of forging authentic long-term relationships with our clients so we can truly help you reach your goals just as fervently as if they were our own. We won’t ask about your weekend because it’s an icebreaker. We’re truly curious about that last trail you hiked. We hope to be on a first-name basis with your dog. Why? Because we’re human to our core, and believe our partnerships should be based on something as cool and genuine as you are.

At the end of the day our team is here because they’re passionate about all things digital. We think data integrity and a transparent process is key to success. We’re suckers for solving complex problems, which means we’ll be there to help you make the right data-driven decisions that will move your business forward. We don’t believe in any other direction. You can count on us to bring integrity, mastery, and levity every step of the way.

Bringing Big Company Solutions to Small and Medium-Sized

That is our mission. Stratedia Inc. believes that every business deserves big-company thinking in order to drive innovation and growth, regardless of your size or budget. Whether you’re spending money and aren’t seeing the return, you’re feeling the inefficiencies of a fragmented technology stack, or you just need better visibility into your business performance, our team of experts is here to revitalize the way your organization functions.

Our Values:

What it all comes down to is our dedication to our core values. We take these as seriously as you take your business. These principals keep our mission intact, and keep our clients coming back.

  1. Be responsible stewards of our clients’ dollars
  2. Build meaningful relationships with business leaders
  3. Work with honesty and integrity
  4. Pair our deep digital expertise with your business knowledge and passion
  5. Crack jokes, be playful, and show up authentically

Since 2007, Stratedia, Inc. (our friends call us SMI) has had one focus; Search Engine Marketing (SEM) as a holistic digital solution. We seek to understand our clients’ business goals and help them exceed it. As an analytics-led company, we build solutions based on the specific needs of your business. Those needs will differ depending on the goals of the company, and that agility is where we thrive.

In stratedia, our success is synonymous with your success. That means we keep our finger on the digital pulse of this ever-changing, dynamic industry and we bring that information back to you to harness it to its fullest potential. Not to mention, we love what we do. That’s not a sentiment. That’s a fact.


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Stratedia, Inc. has become one of the leading search engine marketing companies in the Mystic, CT 06355. We feel pretty proud. And that’s because of our incredible team. We’re honored to support clients worldwide and deliver first-rate integrated digital marketing services to businesses across a variety of industries.

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Reach for Success

The need for internet marketing is essential in today’s economy. Almost every business today has an online presence and relies on it to continue and grow their business. While serving many clients across the globe, SMI continues to gain market share daily and strives hard to be the best in the industry. As a full-service digital marketing agency, we will give you the tools to provide effective products and services to our clients.


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