Are you considering Facebook and Instagram ads for your business? Want to create compelling ads that convert viewers into your desired action? Well here are some tips to success.

We will cover 3 major placement areas:

  1. Facebook desktop
  2. Facebook app
  3. Instagram app

Facebook Desktop:

Use the square format

Create a visual hook that draws attention

Use bright cool colors to stand out

Don’t over use branding


Facebook App:

Avoid adding too many details in images 

Don’t create ad-looking visuals

Write short copy that fits the space

Choose images that will blend perfectly with the newsfeed


Instagram App:

Pair stunning images with relevant text

Don’t use landscape images

Use a suggestive image to what your advertising

Describe what people can do with your product

Avoid using too many words on the visual




  1. Benefit-oriented ad copy outperforms ad text that is focused on explaining the feature
  2. Test out different images and ad copy, especially on various platforms
  3. Use different strategies when it comes to ad copy and visual sizes for desktop and mobile because the users behaviors is very different
  4. Make your ad image more powerful by adding a few compelling words that highlight the benefit
  5. Use emojis when appropriate, as they are more likely to boost the engagement
  6. Start the ad copy emphasizing the benefit of what you’re offering or promoting
  7. Stay up to date because trends change all the time


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