Whether we like it or not, or realize it or not, we have all been fatigued by advertisements. This can happen with billboards, print ads, and especially digital ads on websites or social media. We are constantly having advertisements being thrown at us at all times. So as the advertiser how do we advertiser to our customers without engaging them in ad fatigue? First we need to understand what exactly is ad fatigue.

What is Ad Fatigue?

“Ad Fatigue” happens when your audience becomes overly familiar with your ads, gets bored of them, and stops paying attention. Ad fatigue causes your ad campaigns to become less effective over time, hurting your ROI (Return on Investment).

There comes a point when you have to admit that you are exhausting your audience and actually turning them off. You want your customer to go down the marketing “funnel” with you, which goes from introduction to ideally conversion. However if you’re “funnel” has a lot of escape holes that means that you are poorly serving the same ad over and over again to the same audience.

No matter where you are planning to post your ads, here are three insanely easy tings you can do to ensure you are not turning off your audience.

1: Keep your Ads fresh and Up-to-date with Ad-Customizer        

Ad customizers on Google have been a game-changer for the active advertiser. These are truly the easiest way to keep your ads fresh and relevant while creating a sense of urgency to entice your audience to click

Wondering how they work?

Ad customizers dynamically update your ad with tailored messaging and time sensitive calls to action. Like if you have a limited time offer or sale, use  the countdown feature to let users know they have a limited time to access the deal. Ad customizers are an easy hands-off way of preventing ad fatigue.

2: Change the background of your image ads

Sometimes your audience needs a vacation with a change of scenery from time to time. Because they are exposed to the same visuals over and over again they may stop noticing the ad itself.

The ads most susceptible to ad fatigue are display ads because the same audience tends to see them multiple times, especially with display remarketing.

Simply swapping out your outdated and overused image ads with a new color is often enough to re-engage fatigued users that have stopped noticing your ads. It can literally be that easy.

3: Rotate your Ads indefinitely with an Ad schedule

With display and social ads, it’s easy to be tempted by the ad rotation options to optimize for clicks or conversions. However this allows Google or Bing to show the same ad too many time to the same audience in a short period of time. This can very easily lead to ad fatigue.You can easily fix this by choosing to rotate ads indefinitely.

Also make sure you are only serving up ads during relevant times of the day of week. Depending on your business model this will vary. Like if your business is closed between 8:00pm and 8:00am then you should not have an ad that says “Come on by!” When you are not even open. While the concept is very simple it is an easy one to make. Also make sure your ads are posted at times when your audience is online the most. You don’t want to post at 6am when they might miss your posting. Especially if it is a time sensitive deal or promotion.


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