Do Instagram likes still matter, even if they’re hidden? They sure do! Likes matter as much as ever.

In case you missed it: Instagram announced in May 2021 that it would give people the option to hide public like counts.

Ever since, there have been two ways to go about hiding likes:

  • You can hide like counts in your personal Instagram feed (so that you don’t see how many likes others are getting)
  • You can hide likes on your own posts (so others can’t see how many likes you’re getting)

But whether we can see Instagram likes or not, the Instagram algorithm continues to work like it always has, according to the platform — and likes are one of the success metrics that help it decide whether a piece of content should be displayed to more people.

How to get more likes on Instagram:

Use the right hashtags

Using Instagram hashtags will help get your post in front of more users, leading to more likes. Once you use a hashtag, your post will appear on the page for that hashtag. That makes it easier for people to find you (and like your content).

Tag relevant users

Tagging other users in your IG posts will send those users a notification—and not only will tagged users usually like the post, they’ll also probably share it. More visibility = more potential likes.

 Write compelling captions

Instagram is a very visual platform, but it’s still a good strategy to use your words (after all, text is far easier for the algorithm to read than images are). Take time to write thoughtful captions to tell your audience more about your post — it helps to showcase a more well-rounded perspective of your brand. And Instagram users like that.

Make a Reel

Even if videos aren’t your thing, try making an Instagram Reel. Reels are quickly taking over the platform, and have a higher Instagram engagement rate than still posts (and likes count as part of that engagement).

Post good photos

Eyeroll, right? Obviously, one of the most basic ways you can get more likes on your photos is by posting photos that are good: think high-quality, well-composed, engaging images that are as shareable as possible.

Post user-generated content

Posting user-generated content (with permission, of course) helps you to foster a stronger relationship with your target audience. Encourage users to post photos of your product and tag your brand, so you have plenty of great content to choose from.

Post behind-the-scenes content

Not every photo and video that you post has to be perfect and polished—sharing some of your process, or behind-the-scenes content, gives your followers a more holistic view of your brand.

Share posts to your Story

Since many Instagram users tap through stories instead of scrolling through their feed (and the Instagram algorithm sometimes means your posts won’t pop up on their feed, anyway), it’s a good idea to share new photos or reels to your Story. When doing this, it’s a good idea to give your followers some motivation to go to the actual post (and like it).

Get on the explore page

The explore page (a collection of public posts and videos) is like a personalized bulletin board, and it’s a great way to showcase your content to a new audience. Getting on the explore page requires employing many of the strategies already mentioned in this post: using those relevant hashtags and geotags, writing descriptive captions and taking great photos.



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