Hands With Thumbs Down

At some stage, all social media managers will have to deal with negative comments on their brands pages or posts.

Some of these comments will come in the form of blatant trolls (people trying to hijack the convo and/ or making loosely connected remarks based on the original post). While others will be clear and passionate criticisms of your brand and/or product.

Comments from trolls can be ignores or deleted in the case of offensive remarks. However passionate criticisms needs to be addressed, in order to manage brand perception and maintain consumer standing.

So the big question is how do you deal with this? What is the best way to manage negative responses?

When you see a negative comment your first reaction may be to respond in-kind, and dish out some of your own harsh responses to put the commenter in his/her place. This approach generally doesn’t work out well.

Here is a simple overview on how to respond to negative mentions:

  1. Message Received: Read the message carefully- What is the root of the problem? How can you help?
  2. Take a Screenshot: It is good to document the message. It can be used for training or to share with a co-worker who might want to follow up
  3. Don’t Delete: Remain transparent with your audience. Deleting messages rather than addressing them head-on conveys you might have something to hide.
      1. PRO TIP:  Inappropriate comments need to be deleted. If you find a comment to be derogatory, exercise your own judgement or refer to your organization’s code of conduct.

  4. Don’t Delay: Timeliness is key! Most social users expect to see a response within 1 hour. If necessary, follow up with relevant departments to give your customer a satisfactory answer.
  5. Keep Your Cool: Draft your response. Remember the basics of good customer service. Your response will be judged not only be the users you’re conversing with, but by all your followers.

      1. PRO TIP:  Reread your final draft before sending. Ask yourself if would you feel comfortable saying it to a customers face.

  6. Respond: Send your response. If possible, provide an apology and a solution. This is your opportunity to turn a disgruntled customer into a brand evangelist.

Finally you Monitor the response and any comments in the future. Always being aware of what is being posted on your posts/ pages. You want to continue to monitor your social spaces to track any activity that happens after you’ve done your part. Unfortunately these kind of situations are never a one and done scenario.


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