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Do: Interact with your Followers

It’s important to generate conversation and engage with your audience. Replying to comments, asking questions and encouraging shares of your content are all ways of stimulating interactions with your followers.  It’s a good idea to get involved in industry chat by monitoring relevant hashtags and joining topical conversations that relate to your brand. You might even discover users who are already actively promoting your brand!

Tip: Get feedback from your audience by asking for advice on future projects e.g. what topic they would like you to cover in your next eBook?

Don’t: Forgeting to reply

While comments on Instagram won’t directly affect your ranking, Google uses these interactions as a gauge of engagement as to what users like. Google always want to provide searchers with the best content that generates the greatest number of views, likes and comments. Which is why it’s vital to reply when fans interact with your content. If you don’t reply to comments, followers will view this as ignoring them, leading them to take their interest elsewhere.

To make sure your followers see your reply, “@” their handle. This will notify them and bring them back to your page where you can continue to develop your social connection with them.

Do: Showcase your Unique Brand Style

This tends to take time, but once you have established your signature feel, make sure it’s visible throughout your Instagram profile. Adopt the use of specific colors and filters that represent your branding and use these consistently in your posts.

Distinguish exactly how you want your page to appear visually and use consistent colors to represent this. You want your Instagram photos and coloring to mirror your brands overall tone.

Don’t: Failure to Show Your Brand Voice

You’ve probably already established your brand voice, now you must ensure that same tone is visible on your Instagram. Social media tends to be a more personal method of communicating with your audience, in comparison to other marketing methods. Instagram is the perfect way to express your business visually, and provide your followers with a deeper insight to your company personality. Pay attention to what your audience like and give them more engaging content around this!

Do: Capitalize on your Bio

Not only is your bio the first thing people see, it’s also the only spot for links in your Instagram account. Are you taking advantage of it? Use this space to encourage your visitors to take further action and send them somewhere valuable. Maybe you want to promote a new service offering, a job, a product launch, or a new blog post– send them directly there. When sharing content on your feed, use a call to action (CTA) to make followers aware of what you’re promoting in your bio. Making the most of your Instagram bio is a great way to drive traffic to your website.

Do: Create a Posting Rhythm that Suits You

The most successful Instagram accounts have a general posting schedule. Some may decide on posting twice a day, while others just once a week. Determine what works for you and your followers and create a unique posting plan based on this. Your audience will learn when they can expect to see new content from you. Post consistently to boost growth and remain fresh in your follower’s mind.

Don’t: Create Content for the Sake of it

Like all social channels, never post content on Instagram without a purpose. Be strategic and try to remain within your social plan where possible. You don’t want your feed filled with irrelevant images and videos, instead only share what your followers will appreciate. Context is vital, so make sure all your content relates to your brands purpose. If you’re struggling with content, it might be best to adjust your posting cadence to a more realistic rhythm that suits your company.

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