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Paid social media is just another word for advertising. This is when brands pay money to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, etc. in order to have their content shared with specific new audiences who are likely to be interested. This is either done through “boosting” organic content, or by designing unique advertisements.

But B2C retailers aren’t the only industry focusing on social advertising. Paid posts are the best way for brands to target new audiences on social media, and convert them to customers.

Brands use paid social to:

  • drive conversions (including e-commerce sales)
  • raise brand awareness and attract new followers
  • promote their newest deal, content, event, etc.
  • generate leads

Now a more traditional approach is to target users who have already proven their interest in your niche. You can start by targeting people who follow similar accounts and then offer them a substantial discount, and direct them to a frictionless landing page using Instagram Shopping.


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