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1. You post at the wrong times

Before engagement can occur on your page, you must put your business in a position to be seen by fans. Luckily this doesn’t have to involve complicated algorithms & hours spent scrolling through Excel documents. Facebook actually makes this very simple with just a few clicks.

You can easily check your Facebook Insights to see when your fans are most active online. From your fan page, scroll to the top & select Insights. Then click “Posts”. This will allow you to see the times that your followers were most active in the past week. Remember, that’s local time. Test time slots around the most popular times to see when works best for your page.

2. You don’t have a strong mix of content

Getting engagement on Facebook is a lot like working out, this means that you need to mix up your routine if you want to get results. If you always do the same workout, your body will get used to the movements & you’ll stop seeing progress. The same concept applies to your Facebook page. If you post the same content week in & week out, your fans will get bored & engagement will drop.

Facebook’s Insights panel offers a great snapshot of what type of content performs best on your page. To access this, visit your page Insights & click “Posts”. Click the drop-down next to “Likes, Comments & Shares”. Then click “Engagement Rate”. This will allow you see the percentage of people who Liked, commented, shared or clicked posts after viewing them.

 3. You don’t include calls-to-action

Along with framing posts to grab your fans’ attention, using a call-to-action is another way to drive comments, Likes & shares.

Here are some tactful ways to ask fans to interact with your content:

  • Ask questions
  • Present the benefits of clicking the link
  • Use statistics to make your point
  • Help fans discover something new

 4. You don’t post enough

Don’t be afraid of posting too much! You’ll get engagement as long as your content provides value. If your followers enjoy the posts you currently share, then there’s no reason to believe they wouldn’t want more. This also gives your followers more opportunities to engage. But there is no perfect number. You should take time to experiment to see what works best with your audience. Test content when your fans are most active online.

5. You don’t plan

We all know that publishing content on Facebook is as easy as clicking “Post”. But you must have a plan to ensure your posts get maximum engagement from fans. It’s not enough to just publish. Success depends on you having a strong content strategy.


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