A Responsive Website is Essential to Your Business

What is responsive website design and why is it important? At Stratedia Responsive website design refers to the creation of the best website designs that are easily viewed on a wide range of devices. They are websites that require minimum re-sizing and squinting to see the content whether you are on a PC, a laptop, a smartphone, or a tablet. The webpage will have a single URL, so that the response to the device you are on is automatic, and will not require you to visit an alternate site for optimal viewing.  Stratedia is a website design company focused on bringing you the best solutions for your business.

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Responsive Website Design: An Important Topic

Responsive web design, which incorporates mobile web design, is an increasingly important feature as web access is moving more and more towards mobile devices instead of our bulky desktops. Also, if your website is not responsive, the chances are good that the user will not bother to look at your site at all, moving instead to your competition’s site which is responsive. In fact, studies have shown that if a website takes more than three seconds to load, 57% of your visitors will simply move on. There’s no question the topic is an important one, but since Google acknowledged the importance of responsive web design in relation to the algorithm that determines search engine ranking, it’s become even more so.

Google Makes Responsive Web Design Even More Important

Google is by far the most popular search engine in the world, with an estimated 1,100,000,000 unique visitors per month. The importance of organic search engine optimization cannot be overlooked. And responsive web design plays an integral role in the level success your organic efforts will provide. People are continually using Google more and more to find the companies they do business with. And, since page traffic drops by 95% from page one of the listings to page two, it’s clear that knowing as much as possible about how Google ranks pages is extremely important.

Google does not share all the details about the algorithm; however they do provide a lot of information for web designers and developers allowing them to optimize their websites for their algorithms and for search engine optimization.  So what does all this have to do with responsive web design? Well, Google came out with advice that illustrates they pay attention to responsive web design and that it is a part of their organic ranking criteria. And, if Google is paying attention to it, then everyone’s web design should too.

How We Can  Help You

If your website is not mobile friendly, you won’t be able to take advantage of these trends. Worse, your customers will be looking to your competitors for the products and services you can provide. And all of this is because they bounced off your “frustrating” non-responsive website.

Whether they be mobile or desktop users, we’re here to help you attract those visitors, so you can turn them into leads and sales and dominate your competition. How?

Responsive Website Design

We’ll create a mobile responsive website for your business that automatically adjusts to the screen size of your viewers, allowing it to load perfectly on all devices: desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Your visitors won’t have to scroll up and down and zoom in and out all the time, leading to a great user experience. And because mobile users will soon outnumber desktop users soon, you’re investing in technology that’s here to stay. This is the last website you’ll need!