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Organic social media is the free content (posts, photos, video, memes, Stories, etc.) that all users, including businesses and brands, share with each other on their feeds.

As a brand, when you post organically to your account, you can expect that the people who will see it are:

  • A percentage of your followers (a.k.a. your ‘organic reach’)
  • Your followers’ followers (if people choose to share your post)
  • People following any hashtags you use

This concept sounds pretty simple right? Well the reason why organic social media is the foundation of every digital marketing strategy today is because it’s the best way to nurture a connection with your customers at scale.

Brands use organic social to:

  • support their customers with customer service
  • establish their personality and voice
  • engage customers at every stage of their buying journey
  • build relationships by sharing informative, entertaining, and/or inspiring content

Pro Tip: Though the two are not mutually exclusive, paid social generally does not include influencer marketing, which is typically arranged directly.

Like any other marketing tactic there are always pros and cons to each strategy. So what is downside to organic social?  Well the reality is, because all the major platforms use ranking algorithms, only a small percentage of your followers will actually see your organic posts.

In 2019, Facebook’s organic reach was down 2.2%. This means that the average organic reach for a Facebook post is about 5.5% of your follower count. If you are a big brand with a large following then this number is even less.

Now this isn’t anything new. This decline in organic reach has is due to the world’s biggest platforms reaching saturation, shorter attention spans shorten, and platform CEOs are prioritizing “meaningful” or “responsible” user experiences.

So in other words: it’s getting harder than ever to get your content seen by your own audience, let alone new eyes.


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