Archived Posts — Archived posts merely remove the visibility of the post, and you can always reverse the archive to have it appear in its original spot among your profile images.

Bio — A bio is a brief description of your profile feed that has a 150-character limit.

Gallery — An Instagram gallery is a collocation of photos or videos within one post. A user can upload up to 10 images or videos within one gallery post.

Instagram Grid — The Instagram grid is the last nine photos uploaded to your profile and displays a nine-grid visual (with three rows and three columns).

Instagram Stories — The Instagram stories feature allows users to share a combination of quick 5-second frames or 15-second videos with friends and followers. Unless saved as an Instagram Story Highlight, the stories disappear in 24 hours.

Instagram TV (IGTV) — IGTV is one of the most recent features added to the platform designed for prerecorded, produced video content. IGTV content can be uploaded on mobile or desktop device, and it can share a preview to your profile feed, to encourage more video views to the channel.

Profile Feed — The Instagram profile feed highlights the user’s latest content, within a nine-grid visual to followers visiting your profile.

Saved Posts — Saved posts are a way to keep posts that you want to go back to later, instead of searching your timeline for them later. The saved posts are only visible to profile admin users, not to followers.

Timeline Feed — The Instagram timeline feed is the home feed for a user’s account. The feed will highlight the user’s followers, suggested hashtags to follow, and shows content based on algorithmic engagement.

Username — A username is a unique handle for every user on the Instagram platform. The username has a 30-character limit in length and cannot be used by two individual users.


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