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Did you know that since last year there have already been 5 Google algorithm updates? For those that do not know what that is, it’s the coding Google uses to decide how and where your website will rank in their search engine. If you as a business or your seo company are not staying on top of this, you could quickly see drastic changes in your rankings and website traffic because Google’s has lessened your authority for a particular keyword. Google most recent update is having a big impact on SERP’s. What are SERP’s? Read on to learn more!

Trend #1: SERP’s

The most recent algorithm update is called BERT and BERT basically focuses on providing better results for long keywords. What are long tail keywords? A typical keyword is something like seo or seo company. A long tail keyword would be something like best seo company for contractors or best seo company in Connecticut.

Prior to this update if a long tail keyword was searched , Google would provide you a lot of searches that were not relevant to what you were looking for. What do I mean? Let’s say you ran a search “how to rank in the Google Map three pack“. In the past Google would provide you inaccurate results focusing on the individual words. So instead of ranking in Google Maps, you may get results for how to rank in anything. With Bert, the consumer or searcher can find you based on what they are actually searching for or the long tail keyword. This update helps the consumer out alot but if you are not taking the proper steps to update your site, could mean trouble. We use tools like SEM Rush to help us navigate the quality of each search being performed.

Trend #2: Keyword Research More Important than Ever

As we said earlier taking the necessary steps to get out in front of this is crucial and if you have unfortunately seen drastic changes in your site traffic, reach out to a local seo company today like Stratedia. We can help you strategize and implement a impactful and successful seo strategy to improve your website authority ranking and traffic immediately.

You can also try using some of the tools we use that are also some of the most popular, such as:

  • Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics
  • SEMrush
  • Ahrefs
  • Yoast

Each one of these tools will help you in developing a strategy to overcome your website issues and some of these even integrate with each other, Bonus!

Trend #3: Analytics

Analytics gives you insightful information to everything that is not only happening with your website but with the traffic that is coming to it. You want to pay close attention to a few of these metrics.

  1. Bounce Rate – there are a lot of opinions about this. If people google search home inspector Groton CT  they may see you in the search results, click on your phone number and click to call right away. That can technically be termed bouncing off your site. However, paying close attention to bounce rate is important and if your website is set up to deliver for long tail keywords then you should see your bounce rate increase.
  2. Unique Visitors – this trend matters because it tracks what percentages of your traffic are new visitors. This is crucial to service based businesses like contractors and real estate agents who consistently need new leads.
  3. Social media and sharing will continue to have a big impact on your website traffic. So get out there and start sharing some content!

We’re Here When You Need Us

If you have questions or concerns about where your you rank in the search engine or how to get your business to rank higher in Google ,give stratedia a call or visit us online at Addressing these issues and keeping up to date and ahead of Google’s algorithm updates can have a profound effect on your website authority, rankings, conversions and your overall traffic. Let Stratedia help YOU GET TO THE TOP! Call us at 860.415.0430  or visit us online at

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